Protecting My Email Address

Why would I want to protect my email address?

1. So spam that it isn't picked up by spammers
2. To protect your identity

One of our goals with pounced was to design the site so that you didn't have to share personal information if you don't want to.

So we have setup the site so that you don't have to let anyone else see your email address, unless they contact you.

To protect your email address

1. Let pounced hide your email address

So when you create an ad you will see a check box :

Allow registered users to see my email address.

When this box is checked users who are logged in to the site can see your email address. When the box is unchecked users must instead send you email via a form, which prevents the person emailing you from seeing your email address.

2. Don't include your email address in the description of your ad.

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