Poly male looking for a mate

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29 - MaleBisexual
Orlando, FL, United States
Canine-Fox(Nogitsune with three tails.)
Good Friend,Casual Friend,Short Term,Long Term,Quick Yiff
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Update: I'd like people to talk to while I'm up late, I have unlimited text no data my number is : 3213147451

My mate and I are poly, and so I'd like to find a female to have a relationship with. I don't want to try and box a hypothetical person up with rules made by other people before they even existed, so I figured it would be something we could develop together as we went along. Ideally, I'd like to find someone who might be into my mate as well, but it's niether expected nor a requirement. Unicorns aren't exactly easy to come by lol

It would be nice just to have someone else I enjoy spending my time with, and who enjoys spending time with me. Thus I thought I would (attempt to) take things slow and start out as friends, see how things go. Someone near me in age would be nice, but just because we would be more likely to have more things in common. So long as we enjoy each other, that's all I really care about. So whoever you are, just come chat some and see how it goes.

I can be kinda shy in person, and more confident on text, so it might be nice to have someone who is okay with just saying whatever or maybe taking charge at first. I don't wanna just be stick staring shyly at my feet and blushing like usually happens when I'm with someone I'm into.

Distance isn't an issue so long as you don't mind visiting, or maybe even moving eventually, if things take off.

Im into video games (who isn't now a days?) And a fan of action and comedy movies. I like anime but don't get much chance to watch much with work.

I ride an 03 Suzuki SV-1000 S, she's getting on in the years and it's starting to show, but it's relable and fast transportation, if not pretty. So I won't be driving up to the panhandle to pick you up for a visit or anything, but driving stuff is possible.

I love music, pretty much anything other than country and some hip hop.

I usually end up listening to anything from 80s pop to modern electronica


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