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Newman Lake, WA, United States
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I'm a fur that's in the midst of getting their shit together... or at least trying to, with both school and work. More specifically: I'm a full time student, pursuing a liberal arts transfer degree that will allow me to return to an (out of state preferably) university, to get my bachelors at some point--Professionally speaking, I don't have many prospects at the moment, but am currently working towards becoming employed through the school I am attending.

During the time(s) I'm not worrying about work or school, I'm doing a plethora of different things, ones relating to educational pursuits, and others that are more leisurely:

-Playing WoW/League/CSGO/Dead by Daylight/Overwatch/Terraria/Minecraft/Armello <---(Just got this game)

-Listening to podcasts and lectures: Joe Rogan Experience, The Church of What's Happening, H3, Ear Biscuits (Good Mythical Morning), Harvard's Psychology Series, Crash Course, Charisma on Command, and Anna Akanna. (Almost many more)

-Reading a good book, whether it be fantasy or of a more academic genre. (I aim for at least 20 minutes a day).

-Writing in my journal, working on prose, and vlogging.

-Talking with friends on Discord (As that is my general means of communication, I do not have a Telegram anymore, for personal reasons).

-Helping and attending family events.

As for my personality, the best way I can describe it, is as an enigma of some sort. I'm a closed off person, because I don't like feeling vulnerable. I've become jaded, and bitter by circumstance, constantly staving off existential harm that would threaten to compromise the peace and progress that I have momentarily attained as an individual. I am someone that regardless of these negative aspects, always remains curious about things like psychology, academic writing, computers, current world events, and the like. And one that is foreign to the concept of intimacy, in terms of not entirely knowing how to contemplate feelings of intimacy, when in my mind, I mistake not wanting intimacy, with only needing fleeting sexual gratification.

What I'm currently looking for right now: I don't quite know yet. I suppose the ideal answer would be a relationship... but I'n holding off on that, so that I can nurture natural friendships, in hope that something of that nature will grow.

Fursona Info: Species: Hybrid (Canine)

Height: 5'9

Weight: 140 lbs

Eye Color: Purple

Physique: Lithe

Fur color/Pattern: Beige/Dark Brown/White

I'll conclude this with giving a means of where I can be contacted. Preferably I'd like to message first over Pounced and go from there, if we hit it off, I'll gladly give my Discord out, or simply stick to messaging one another over the site.


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