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Age - Gender/Orientation - Status
35 - MaleBisexual
WV, United States
Canine-Wolf(Patchrik, I'm a mutt)
Casual Friend,Long Term
Looking for


I'm looking for someone honest and trustworthy cause I will always be that way with you. I work full time and national guard. I play eso a lot and do some hiking and mountain biking when it's warm. I don' drink or smoke, I excersize occasionally and eat healthy. I'd like for my mate to share some of my interests and also introduce me to some new stuff. I'm extremely shy and probably would not initiate first contact but am easy to talk to and like to talk once I get to know ya. I would like to start a family and would like to adopt at least one kid cause I was adopted and didn't get the best life and would like to give a child better opportunities than I had. Been a furry most my life and have a couple suits. One is for... well I'm sure you'll find out if we hit it off cause that is one of my fantasies. I say fantasy cause I never have, not with anyone😔. That bein said I'm not interested in hookups. You wanna be with me then we gotta get to know each other, not askin for your hand at first, jus is shy and needs to be comfy wiff ya. What else? Hmm. I'm an hvac tech and have gone to college, so I'm not dumb and I make good money, but that shouldn't matter. I am a bit of a car fanatic and have had many over the years. Not sure what else to say, I jus can't take heart break no more and am only willing to be with one, so if ya think I'm your type feel free to message me. I use telegram and will give it if you ask. If ya don't live close we could talk for a while and see what happens, I might be up for a drive or maybe you are. Im a very laid back guy. Jus kno that everything I say comes from the bottom of my heart and the rest is only filled with love I'm willing to share.


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