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Age - Gender/Orientation - Status
26 - MaleBisexual
Veradale, WA, United States
Canine-Other(An Aardwolf with a strong affinity for jelly donuts)
Good Friend,Long Term
Looking for
Skype: live:xancoh91 Email:  


First thing's first, the art on my profile and my advert: not mine. The credit goes to -

I like to think I am pretty genuine, I have never been one for anything complicated either. Even though I am currently unemployed I am stable and those are reasons I would rather discuss privately when the time is right with a decent person. A majority of my interests are on the geeky side of the spectrum like D&D, Manga and Video Games. Within the next five years I hope to participate in College for a writing Degree to pursue a personal goal of mine.
What I am looking for is simple, the general stuff, sweet and kind and all that good stuff with plenty of similar interests but, the top thing I am looking for is a GENUINE person.
A few odd tidbits to finish off: My Myers Briggs is INFP - T. My Astrological sign is Aries and to top it all off my Zodiac sign is the Sheep.
I hope you all have a glorious frabjous day.


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