Ambitious, Intelligent Otter Seeking Long-Term Partner

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Age - Gender/Orientation - Status
27 - MaleGay
Sheffield, United Kingdom
Mammal-Otter(Strong-willed, ambitious, powerful lutrine.)
Good Friend,Long Term
Looking for
Other: Discord: Simba#7085 Other: Telegram: @SimbaLiony  


I'm looking for a like-minded fur: ambitious, hard-working and intelligent, to settle down and create a long-term future with.

I'm well-educated: mathematics at Cambridge, and currently work as an academic researcher, and remotely as a director of a company based in Silicon Valley.
I want to find someone who is self-motivated and driven, eager to be the best they possibly can be. Someone who relishes the new things to be learnt every day, the new challenges to be enjoyed and conquered, and the new discoveries to be made.
I don't mind too much about age as long as you are mature enough to know what you want, and strive to get it.
Standard, orthodox 50/50 mateship is fine, though I do like to be in control of things, and wouldn't be opposed to stepping that up to something like a 70/30 or 80/20 balance between being a master and a mate if that was preferred. I'm a very experienced dominant generally (not simply a bedroom thing), and have a very strong leader mindset (ENTJ).
Please only get in touch if you are either in the UK, or have serious plans to move here within the foreseeable future.
Contact me directly on Discord (Simba#7085) or Telegram (@SimbaLiony).


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