A Folf scouring the lands!

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Age - Gender/Orientation - Status
20 - MaleGay
Saint John, Canada
Canine-Other(A Scarlet Two-Tailed Folf)
Good Friend,Casual Friend,Short Term,Long Term
Looking for
Other: Telegram:KaimenCormak Kik: Raiserhell7  


Hiya all! I’m a young Folf looking for love in this crazed world we call home!

A little basic info about me is I’m a Costco Worker but not one of the cashiers or anything no, I’m one of the demonstrators as in I give out the free food samples (and sometimes the tide pods) which I love doing so much. I also have been classically trained in Singing so trust me when I say I don’t sound like a dying whale when I open my mouth! I love to play Video games where my personal favourites are the Halo series as well as most Tales series. I also enjoy sitting down with a good book from one of my favourite authors, Terry Goodkind or Robert Jordan!
Well that’s a little basic info, if ya wanna talk shoot me a message on here or send one to my Kik, or Telegram!!


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