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18 - MaleGay
NY, United States
Canine-Other(Imma blue wolf dog!)
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(Turns out much ad's been saying I'm looking for pee {on mobile}... well that's embarrassing. Pounced, you should optimize your site a bit for mobile users lol. I'd help but I never did HTML, only Java)


If you're looking at this, you might be interested in learning about me!

I'm a small, pretty average guy from the suburbs, sorta isolated from a lot of furs out in the city, so I'm turning to here in hopes of finding companionship. I personally don't mind distance, but I would also love to meet people nearby! I am also single and looking, though there's no promises for anything.

General Info

I'm an 18 year old dude living in NY. I work currently as a scanner clerk at a supermarket. I have absolutely no intention to stay here, and I do intend on going to college to pursue an education, I'm just working now to save up to move out and other boring adult stuff.

I'm an easy-going guy. I can be pretty chill, but if I do need to be, I can be serious. I'm very tolerant about things, so go ahead and crack jokes about my Asian-ness or whatever, I really don't care! Heck, I'll laugh along, because that's something we should all do. At the same time, I care a lot about others; if you need help, I'll do my best to lend a hand/paw.

At the same time, I can be quite reticent; I tend to keep to myself and others... That is, until I open up and trust you. Then, I transition from a total wallflower to a loud-mouth, extroverted, rad dude. I do have my moments where I go back and forth, though.
Unlike a lot of other furs, I'm not really a... nerd, at least not in the current definition. Don't really watch anime, movies, read mangas and whatnot. No, I'm just into science; ask me something science related, and you'll end up spending a considerable amount of time talking to me about such things. You'll see. As for all that nerd stuff that I mentioned up there, I can watch it. I'm not saying I wouldn't or I would dislike a person for it, it's more that I haven't done such things myself. 
On the topic of this, I'm horribly not cultured at all. Haven't watched a lot of movies, like Pulp Fiction and uh... I dunno... the shining? As you can see, i have no clue what a lot of movies are, so if you're interested in me, get the popcorn ready cause I'm sure you'll plop me down in front of a screen to watch everything.

Other Stuff

I do game a bit. Recently I've bought a Switch for myself so I'm playing on that, but I also play on PC. If you want my Steam name, message me, I don't add just anyone. That and I also change my name a lot.

Speaking of which, if you're looking to contact me on where I'd be more active on, you can PM me on Telegram, though you should also ask me here beforehand, for the same reasons above.

Other than games, I enjoy art quite a bit. I do draw sometimes, though with work nowadays, it's quite rare. At the same time, I don't feel too confident in my art skills. However, I am quite into photography, so don't be surprised if I have my DSLR around, or forward some photos I've taken. Also, when it comes to art, I like to consider cooking as an art! Or at least, I enjoy making things, so I treat cooking as an art. Either way, I love to cook or bake things, so I'd love to get new recipes.

Besides art, I am both an outdoor and indoor person; I tend to lean more towards going out and having fun, wherever that may be. I love the outdoors, whether it be the city or the forest. There's plenty to do and I'm down for it. I'd love to spend the afternoon out in the city at restaurants, or have a hike through the woods!

I'm also really into music! I do sing but it's quite rare, because I'm awfully shy about that. Genres I listen to range from indie folk to rock, and a bit of alt stuff here and there. Just really depends on my mood. If I'm happy, I'd totally be rocking out to some awesome tunes! And if I'm just neutral, well I'll go with the flow of whatever comes on Pandora/Spotify.

Besides all of that, I am also heavily into learning. I've taken interest in science, more specifically physics, though I also enjoy other things. I also love programming, or at least, what I experienced in high school computer science. It gives me a challenge to work through, and I love to think through such things. Finally, I'm a book nerd. I love literature, but I tend to want to discuss and theorize on books more so than read them.

If you wanna get a better sense of who I am, go ahead and message me, it's probably better that way.


Before, I mentioned that I do play video games. I do play a lot, though I consider myself a casual.

Really, I play games to have fun. I don't like competitiveness because I fear that my skill, or lack thereof, will bring my team down with me, resulting in me being scolded at. Its why I tend to play single player games, or go solo for the most part. It gives me a chance to play as I like, and even be goofy, as tend to be. (That or I am just bad enough to walk off a cliff "accidentally")

I play mostly on PC, and I did say I got a Switch recently. Games I play on PC generally range from FPS's (for that sweet adrenaline rush) to more adventure and story based games. I did say I was a book nerd, so story heavy games are great for me, since I get so invested in characters and whatnot. For the Switch, I have Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, Doom, Skyrim, Stardew Valley... jeez I have a lot of games.

Now for those interested in relationships...

If you're looking for a relationship, it won't come automatically. You and I will have to get to know each other a lot before it even gets to that stage. Gotta be friends before you can be best friends right? So of course, if that's what you're looking for, expect a lot of getting to know one another, which may take a while.

Though... if you want to try your hand, what I'm looking for is a guy that's strong (not necessarily physically) and independent. A guy that is caring and sensitive. Someone who likes to keep their minds open and listen to all sides of anything. A person that loves to learn and wants to learn more, and will even encourage their other half to learn as well, even challenge their wits. I would like a person who seeks adventure, but knows that there should always be a place to call home. A person that isn't deterred by the world and will strive to make his goals come to fruition.

... Essentially, a person much like myself.

For everyone else

I would love friends (furiends?) nearby, or even far away. I really don't mind.

What to expect when you message me

When you message me, either here or on telegram, I won't automatically be outwardly with you, unless we just pair up that well. Either way, expect me to be a bit quiet and shy at first. I do open more and more as we talk, and you'll find I can be quite... expressive when I get comfortable enough. I can be quite excitable and happy, but that can take a bit. It also does depend on my mood, but when it comes to first encounters, I try my best to be as happy as can be. Hope that doesn't put you off.

Final words

If you've read that all, and you're still interested in talking to me, message me, and I'll give you my telegram where we can talk more.

Cool cool, thanks for checking me out!


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