Looking for a special someone and friends to play games with :3

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Age - Gender/Orientation - Status
18 - MaleGay
Speyer, Germany
Good Friend,Casual Friend,Short Term,Long Term,Quick Yiff
Looking for
Other: Telegarm: @PhantumCubby Kik: PhantumCubby  


Hello! I'am looking For friends And a relationship.

If you have any questions about me or just want to know more about me, feel free to add me.

My Name is Fabian, i'm gay, i currently go to school and live in Germany. (pref. guys from the EU, but if you are willing to try a long distance relationship i may try too)

AIso i really like to play games.

I like anime too!

i like talking with friends :3 if i should talk too much just tell me lol.

How someone looks like and age doesnt matter to me, but what matters is if you are a nice person or not.

Can be kinky at times and doesnt mind if you are but always loves to have cuddles and snuggles!

Add me on Switch if you want to: SW-0738-9288-4877 

Games that i play atm: ask me :3

My body: 1,80m tall and chubby

Do i have any pref. body type?

it would be

Chubby and fluffy =u=

Also dont add me if you are planning to ignore afterwards, tell me if you dont want to talk with me anymore, i wont be mad or angry :3

My Telegram: @PhantumCubby


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