Names Vlad. And yeah, I’m a Werewolf.

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Age - Gender/Orientation - Status
23 - MaleGay
Katy , TX, United States
Other-Other(he can shift into dark creatures.)
Good Friend,Long Term
Looking for
Other: Telegram: vladimirvolfe  Other: discord: DarkBladeStorm#1382 


Uhh.. what to say about myself?

Firstly, I AM NOT A TOP! I can top if the mood occurs but I prefer to BOTTOM. Just cuz I’m a werewolf doesn’t mean I’m some daddy top or whatever.

Secondly, a bit of a personal request or two:

• if ya message me try to grab your ad so I can read up. I like knowing what I’m gonna talk about with you or at least find something other than an awkward ‘hey how are ya cool’

• and this is critical ; DO NOT FLIP OUT ON ME IF I DO MOT REPLY FAST. I have a full time job and I check in with my close friends if able. I’m not gonna tolerate anyone going insane just because I don’t read or reply to their message I’m not even an hours time. That’s seriously needy and desperate and it’s majorly a turn off.

Now,  welcome to my little ad on this site. My RL name is Christopher. But fursona wise, I go by either Vladimir, or Dusk.

well I'm still single I rather am looking for friends first before anything serious.

Honestly I don’t think I’m looking for a mate. If something happens then fine. But right now I’m not interested in getting let down.

I like a guy that can fight back so to speak. Has a backbone. If you catch my interest I’ll most likely say so. I’m not gonna waste my time and efforts on people who aren’t worth that. No offense.

I need a minimum of maybe 3 months to even grow proper feelings for someone and that’s if I get to know them proper so please don’t rush shit with me and don’t be overly excited/hyper.

I have many characters on my furaffinity page, but usually use two the most  are a werewolf of dark pallete with a blue-ish flame fur here and there. the other is an ice hybrid dragon. Half east half western.

IRL I am  23 years old. My birthdate being November 19th , 1994.

I'm 5'9" and weighing around 223. I've got a few pounds on me but working into a thinner body.

I used to be a timid kind of guy, nowadays I’m more blunt and casual about things, so if you want to hit me up it’s super easy, I’m really not that hard to read.

Onto my more natural interests. I like hack-and-slash video games, and JRPG games. Things like DmC,  Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Undertale, Kingdom Hearts, etc.

I'm currently residing in Texas, I work a full time job as a Cart Associate (cart pushing), at Walmart. It's a tedious job, but it's money to live off of.

I plan on moving to Ohio in the summer possibly though. I'm slowly learning to get on my own two feet and take care of myself financially. It's a slow and steady process.

hmm what else. oh yea, I'm an artist. digital artist that is. Mostly i just draw porn, fun right? lol, yea it can be.

I'm not too sure what else to put on here, i might edit this more later, but if you llike what you see so far, and think you fit the criteria, or are similar and just looking to be friends, hit me up. Or if you want, just go ahead and slap an add on discord or telegram or whatever. I really dont mind.

Oh and don’t bother adding me if you’re going to make shit up to get in my pants. 

Oh and here’s some contact info:

Telegram: @vladimirvolfe 

Discord: DarkBladeStorm#1382

PSN: DarkBladeStorm

Seeya soon


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