Looking for friends (perhaps more) of any age, gender identity, or species.

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Age - Gender/Orientation - Status
28 - MaleBisexual
Mayport, PA, United States
Feline-Jaguar(Just your average jaguar.)
Good Friend,Long Term
Looking for


Ok... about myself.

I'm about 5'10". I have dirty blonde hair, with red facial hair. I'm currently living with my dad, helping him pay the bills. However I've been looking to have my own place, and hopefully have a mate to share it with. I'm usually shy at first but after I get to know you, I'm pretty easy to talk to. I just tend to sit back and listen, offering an ear or shoulder. I have a strange sense of humor and act like a big kid. I tend to be sarcastic as heck and love to joke, but I know my limits. So if you can't take a joke. The back arrow's just a click away. I don't have a one track mind, where all I want to do is have sex. I'd rather cuddle with my mate and watch a movie. So if all you want to do is have sex, don't bother messaging me. I hate to admit it but I have a little weight, nothing serious, just a few extra pounds. I use to be worse but I got better, ate better, walked etc etc.

I'm trying to look to the furry community for friends. Here it's a little more accepting then the outside. I want to say I been into the fandom all my life, however I was about 16yo when I first knew what it was called.

Things I like/love. If you have a question, ask.

  • I love gaming. Currently have a PS4. Just ask for PSN if interested. Don't PC much. Can't wait for Beyond Good and Evil 2!!!
  • I like people who are kind, caring, and treats everyone how they want treated.
  • I like going for walks. Although, I usually walk alone, or with my beagle Kierra (picture above).
  • I love watching many tv series/movies/anime of all genres. So long as they aren't so cheesy, the Cheetos Cheetah would go "DAMN!!! That's cheesy.". Some favorites are Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in The Sky, Spirited Away, Wolf Children, Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball Z, Family Guy, The Hobbit/LOTR series, The Secret of NIMH, Fox and the Hound, Robin Hood (Animal version) and many others. Starwars is an all-time top favorite.
  • I like just about any music, except rap (sorry rap lovers). I really love celtic music. Mainly because it's relaxing and Ireland is my ancestral home.
  • Animals of all kinds. Especially cats. Currently have 3 indoor animals: Kierra (dog), Uni (rescue cat), and Lucky (cat)
  • Food - there's almost nothing I won't at least try. I love sushi!!!
A few things I dislike.
  • People who are judgemental. Not caring about another person's feelings.
  • Smoking, drugs or excessive drinking (causal drink is fine, but not when your puking)
  • Dishonesty (pretty much a given)
  • People who think they're better then everyone else. Face it, you're not.
What am I looking for...
I'm looking for friends to chat or game with... should a relationship start, awesome!! Someone who has similar interests. You don't need to like everything I do, just a couple. I have some limits, but I prefer a dominant role (may switch for right person) I don't care too much about looks or age, though I do like younger guys/girls, but it's not a necessity. What I really want, is someone who's loyal, honest, and caring. Give me that, you damn well better believe I'll give it back. I don't want any games, I've had too many heartaches. That's pretty much it I guess.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       If You want to know more, please, just leave a message. It might ruin everything but unfortunately, I don't have Skype or Facebook. I do have a Twitter, a cell (ask later), my PS4 PSN, and here.


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