looking for other furs and bronies to hangout with and maybe a mate to be with ^^;

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Age - Gender/Orientation - Status
24 - MaleBisexual
Marysville, WA, United States
Canine-Wolf(blue arctic wolf )
Good Friend,Casual Friend,Short Term,Long Term
Looking for
Skype: spartawlikos1  Other: telegram @SpartaWLikos Other: Xbox live SartaWLikos


Hello im SpartaW.likos nice to meet you :3 thanks for taking a look at my ad

im a gamer, artist, and youtuber, that likes cars, history, guns, ships, plains, and watching movies and hanging out with friends. ^^

i grew up down in Texas but moved up here to Renton Washington for a bet  and have now moved to Marysville. i left Texas for to reasons. one my mom is a bitch. and two most Texans are cindof dumb and a little to religious for this wolf. heck some think being a furry is the same as satan worship D8 (side note i guess you could say i believe in religion but all of them in one way or another unless it harms people thats when i draw a line ad its a colt to me )  

i like to cross dress, im 24

sorry if there isn't that long i don't really know what else to put on here ^^; fell free to ask my anything



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