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31 - MaleGay
Braintree, MA, United States
Good Friend,Casual Friend,Short Term,Long Term,Quick Yiff
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 Other: Telegram: Braunerbear Skype: Braunerbull Twitter: Brauner02


Been a while since i've honestly updated this thing but i figure i'm in the mood to do so right now. I normally go by brauner, the character has changed a lot over the years and finally pinned down as a panda. Feels like a good fit for him.

I'm a big old bear, the usual fat scruffy dude you'll find here and there, i'm shy at first but everyone says that here right? i do try my best to speak up and make new friends so don't hesitate to say hello! just let me know you came from pounced is all.  I like to do a few select things but when i'm with friends i'm good with anything, i'm mostly content just having someone around me. I normally end up drawing or playing videogames when alone though and like to think i'm starting to get the hang of art.

I suppose i'm looking for whatever comes my way, friends or more if things pan out like that. don't be shy about  telling me this or that i'm open, easy going and really receptive to stuff if somethings going on and i'm not a fan i'd let you know. Uhhhh i'm not sure what else to put in here you know? 

i'm better at just answering stuff as i'm asked  so you can reach me on telegram as Braunerbear if you need me, i don't like letting notifications linger on my phone so i'll read it asap


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