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23 - MaleStraight
Pound, VA, United States
Canine-Wolf(Part angel. Part Demon)
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Skype: DemonwolfXVI   


Hello and thanks for clicking on my ad!

So some general information I wanna go ahead and throw out. I'm not a hardcore furry. I don't do fursuiting or anything like that. I have nothing against people that do it either. Also the images I have on my ad isn't mine. Its just an interesting image I wanted to use. If you want to know more about my fursona or role play character just ask me. I've actually put quite a bit of thought into him and thought about writing some stories about him.

Anyways, on to more personal info, my name is Jared and I'm a typical 23 year old college student. I play PS4 and PC games. Currently my games consist of League of Legends, occasionally Don't Starve Together, Dark Souls 3, and Dishonored 2. I also play just about anything else that is coop or that catches my eye. I have three friends I play with but most of the time they are assholes to just about everyone. If you meet them I am sorry in advance lol. I also play D&D twice a week. Fighter is best in class. I haven't really roleplayed in forever and its just to awkward for me to start a rp with someone I don't know. Also in case anyone is curious, I am in college learning to be a software programmer. So far I know the bare bone basics of java and html and my friend really wants me to learn python. I would one day like to code my very own role playing game.

Ummm I think that is it. I'm kinda boring but I can be a good friend. Feel free to message me on here then we can pick an application to move to if you wish.

Also if anyone cares I have my own car and I am looking for work.


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