Nerdy gamer black cat looking for mate or friends

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Age - Gender/Orientation - Status
23 - MaleGay
Arlington, TX, United States
Feline-Cat(Black Cat)
Good Friend,Casual Friend,Long Term,Quick Yiff
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Hey there, I'm JazzCat. I'm a 23 year old male nerdy black cat who just graduated UTD . I like to hang out, hike, game, chat, draw, and I'm a fairly friendly cat. I'm currently looking for friends or a mate ideally. I'm gay and single and just recently moved to North west Arlington area. I'm looking for someone ideally near me, but feel free to send me any messages you want if you are interested. I recently got a job running a 3D printer and I'm super excited about that. I'm also a super dorky guy that loves lots of different games and board games. Love to play mtg, and various tabletops too!                                                            


Favorite genres of games- Tabletops, MOBAS, RPGS, RTS, and a lot of other things.  

Favorite games- Mostly PC games, but between me and my roommates we have several systems between us. Many of my favorite games include : World of Warcraft, Overwatch, League of Legends,Hots Minecraft,Smite , Skyrim, Bauldurs Gate, Fall-out New Vegas, CIV V , and much more.

Favorite TV shows- Game of Thrones, Archer, Dr Who ,Bob's burgers, and several anime and tons more Im sort of a serial marathoner.

Favorite Music- Symphonic metal, Electronic, Rock, Metal, most anything with the exception of rap.

One of my most important things is the ability to hold a conversation and be funny.

Appearance- White, 5'11, Slim 130 pound, brown hair, brown eyes,

I'm essentially just your average gay nerdy furry looking to get to know people, feel free to randomly message me if you feel inclined to talk to me, or cuddle, or hike, or game, or particularly anything you want.


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