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21 - MaleGay
Charleroi, Belgium
Canine-Wolf(Blue and white)
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Twitter: Younakalibo Other: Steam : Younakalibo Other: Telegram : Younakalibo 


[Disclaimer : I do not own the bike on the picture, it's a friend's bike <3]

Hi ! :)

- Little presentation :

My name is Youna, a very open minded 21 years old wolfie (actualy turn 22 this April), born in Nivelles, Belgium. I've been in the fandom for the past 6 years, and been active so far, furmeets, conventions, I go. :p
Currently unemployed (yay), and looking to get a job in the police force (or perhaps something else), living around Charleroi (Wallonian brabant).
For the one who wonders, I'm Wallonian, not Flemish, as my native language is french, not dutch. :p

- My hobbies :

Most of the times you'll find me on my PC, either playing some games or watching some series/movies on Netflix, but I also tend to travel regulary (as visiting friends there and there).
I've visited France (lived there for a few years), Netherlands, Germany (lived there a bit too), and Denmark, but plan to visit England/Norway/Sweden/Finland/Russia/Czech Republic/Slovakia/Canada/Brazil and other south America countries... The list is big ! :D

As you may have noticed, i'm not very interested into the middle east, Asia, Africa... Perhaps South Korea and Japan though, Vietnam, Laos, etc.

As simple as it sound, I find it very relaxing to take a walk in forests and such, big open places where no one is to be found but me (maybe with you too ? :p), kayak, learning languages...
I like to drink with friends, I don't like dark beers though, blonde is okay, but fruity is the ones I like the most. Not into red whine, but white wine is sometimes pretty tasty. :)

I also vape, no nicotine/tobaco ever.

And history, such as 500-1500, WWI/WWII.

- What am I looking for here :

Good friends, someone special, fun ? I wouldn't say no to either of those three. :p It's good to have friends that share commons interests with you, and I like nice people ! :p

A relationship ? As 95% of people here I think. Though I'll put a point at that i'm mostly interested in an open-relationship, my last relationship (wich was closed) made me realize I'd rather have it open than closed.

And for the fun part, well if you're in the countries around, perhaps we could manage something ? Another point on the fact that i'm mostly sub, sorry ! :v

(As for my kinks, I'll put a few bellow.)

- A few other things :

As for video-games, I'm mostly playing FPS, tactical/strategy, simulator, RPG, some MOBA.

Such as ; Kingdom Come (that I play a lot since it's release), Fallout 4, Red Orchestra 2 : Rising Storm (all dlc), War Thunder, Awesomenauts, Hearts Of Iron 4, GTA V, Rainbow Six Siege, Sims 4...

You can find my Steam profile right here ;

As for a few kinks ; I'd say I have a pretty good preference for paws (feetpaws that is), vore, murrsuits, bdsm... If you want to know more I'd rather talk about it somewhere else. :p

I do have an interest for motobikes, I'd love my own, and have a folder of pictures of motorbikes that I've taken during my travels.

I am interested into learning/playing the piano and violin, even though they are both (especialy the violin) very hard instruments to learn.

- How to contact me :

The best is clearly Telegram, at "@Younakalibo", i'm pretty often connected. :)(But keep in mind that i'm currently in the process of moving out.)

You can also try Steam, but it's realy not recommanded, or even Twitter if you have none of both.

- Trivia :

"Suffer" from Tinnitus. --> Description of it here.

Nearsighted. -2.75 to left eye and -3 to the right one.

Have a particular interest about psychology.

Realy like to be romantic.

Night owl.

If my ad did please you, I'd suggest you to message me on Telegram, have a good day ! :3


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