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31 - MaleGay
Centralia, WA, United States
Mammal-Rabbit(Professional 3D artist)
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Other: Telegram @BuckyRoo Yahoo: chrispyne@yahoo.com  Skype: DerpyRoo 


Hi folks! I been living in Washington since Febuary 2017, lived in Everett for almost a year until my parents bought a home. I moved to Centralia and I'm really loving how country this town looks. It's so quaint.

I love to explore places especially while hiking. I like to meet furs in all size and age and I love to cuddle, especially in fursuit! =:3 I'm 5'3" tall around 115lbs, I'm a game developer and 3D digital artist, I've made my own fursuit as well. I don't smoke or drink, but I don't mind those who socially drink, but I do mind heavy smokers.

A lot has changed since I used to live in montana for 8 years, I got a more social life, made plenty of friends up in everett, I'll miss them but I'll visit from time to time. I don't know anyone living in or around Centralia, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to see if there's any. I don't mind to travel a bit far out or further into the country. (likely after I get a bike)

If you'd like to get to know me some more, I have several ways to chat; Telegram, Skype, phone.


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