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  Middle Age Furry Always Looking For Furiends! Help

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LocationLansing, MI, United States
Relationship statusI am in a closed relationship
RelationshipsGood Friend,Casual Friend,Long Term
SpeciesFeline-Lion(White Lion but have many additional fursonnas.)
Modified2014-05-10 10:03:50

I'm 61 years old, 5' 8", 240lbs., a life-long furry! Couldn't have named it though as a child. But I was for sure. Have huge stuffed-animal collection I started at age 12 of which there's never too many.  Though sadly, due to crap economy, no new additions for a fair while now.   Currently at about 1,000 total!  Some big pieces too that I'm very proud of, literal life-size.

I'm a BIG animation fan. Most of my video collection is of those. Kimba is the one, the only, the REAL Lion King. 'Ran 'ruv 'ry 'rooby 'roo! Right from the very start when he premiered back in 1969. Since November of 1986, I've been a costumed character w/24 fursona. For me, it's vocation & avocation together. Lived most of my life in Southern California, the Covina/Azusa area from 1993 until late 2010.  Now I live in Lansing, Michigan.

FC '07 was my very first con. I loved it! I've been to FC/ Further Confusion in San Jose.  Also went to FC '08, '09 and '10 as well.  The bad economy has kept me from going back foe '11 and '12. You might see me there in the BBF videos for '08. In the titles and shortly thereafter as Denali wolf (The CSI wolf, but that wasn't me in the show). Also as Exile husky at the husky pull on the second video. Was also Kimba, but sadly only one very short snippet of him at gathering after fursuit parade (If you blink, you'll miss me...).

Furry friends of ANY age are welcome.  One, I am not a furson who focuses or dwells on age.  I have a young adult furiend on the internet who lives in South Africa and we are tight furiends.  He calls me his "papa lion". Obviously, the older you might be the more that we might have in common with lived experiences.  I "knew" I was "old" when the comments started of "Paul McCartney was in a group before Wings?"  I lived the Beatles!  Even went to a Hollywood Bowl concert, but I'll grant you they were 'nosebleed seats" for the height and distance away from the stage. 

It is my belief that one can never have too many furiends. And of course, distance is no problem with the internet. Don't be age-restrictive, I'm not! Younger, older, who cares!   2nd, if you're a furry who's possibly looking for a soul-mate, someone that "gets you" and your furriness, please keep me in mind!   I'm mated, but one can have lots of different loves in their life.  If you're a furry, I can honestly say, you're already more than halfway there to having "my heart".  Whatever species you may be, in the fur, we're all brothers and sisters.

On Live Journal, but not on a regular basis...

I'm also on Fur Affinity too! 

(That's where "the story" is!  I started out with three others, sending E-mails to the then-alive Kimba Yahoo group we were members of, of writing a period story of sailing furries back in the late 1700's, "A Furries' Life"  At page 600, the "partnership" sadly dissolved and I went on to finish the book to a length of about 1,000 pages.  I have written all by myself continuation books/novels of two, three and four and I am currently writing book five now here in May of 2013, and will definitely go on to a book six.  Though I'm not directly comparing here, kind of combine "Pirates of the Caribbean" with "Harry Potter" and a bit of "Narnia" and that's "my story")

HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON!!   Borrowing and slightly changing the motto of the Marines..."SEMPER FURRY"! (Always Furry)

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