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LocationPleasant Hill, CA, United States
Relationship statusI am in an open relationship
RelationshipsGood Friend,Casual Friend
SpeciesFeline-Leopard(Snow Leopard)
Modified2014-09-30 20:54:26


I'm a 28yr old female snow leopard residing in the bay area.  


I -only- play a few games.  This is the extent: Bioshock, FFXIV, Load-out, and WoW.  I am always looking for people to play with, but I'm not so much into games.  I watch tv/movies, listen to all sorts of music, read.  I am an outdoorsy type person; however, I am not a warm/hot weather person.  I do love the desert, but I can't stand the heat.  I enjoy camping, hiking, dirt biking, horseback riding, exploring, rafting, snorkeling, searching through tide pools and poking sea anemones.  I like wildlife.  I like to just sit and watch the world go by.  I'm very much a quiet person, mostly just an introvert, kinda shy, kinda a wallflower.  i'm great at listening.  I love animals, I have a few.  


Things that just are:  420 friendly. Drinking friendly.  I drink a little, socially mostly.  I don't talk a lot--this seems to bother a lot of people--it just is.


I am in an open relationship.  I am NOT looking for a mate.  I'm seeking friends, cuddle buddies, hang out buddies, food buddies (going and trying new foods or making our own), camping buddies, exploring buddies..whatever..buddies.  I don't care if you're bi, gay, lesbian, trans, whatever the fuck..

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