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  Lynx lost in alliance? Help

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LocationAlliance, OH, United States
Relationship statusI am in an open relationship
RelationshipsGood Friend,Casual Friend,Short Term,Long Term,Quick Yiff
Modified2014-05-28 16:42:02

Anyway I'm a 5'11" male, weighting in at over 290 pounds. I kind of like my body and I kind of don't but I'm very slowly working on it.

I am a very playful lynx. However I'm also very shy. I only hug cuddle and do other stuff with people that I trust want that from me. It's still kind of difficult for me to, how to say, understand when someone wants me to.

I enjoy cooking, playing video games, cleaning slightly, driving, walking [but not running. I can walk forever, ask me to run and I'll die. XD], staying clean aka taking showers or baths, and overall making sure people stay entertained.

I mostly enjoy playing all kinds of video games, but the serious driving and sports ones. I do enjoy playing board and card games as well.

My goal is to have a large house with plenty of beds so that plenty of hard working furrys can relax a bit more. Gain money, pull there money together to live a happy life.

If anyone near by wants to help me walk, jog, do exercises please let me know.

UPDATE: Me and my open mate are looking for playful tops that might be into BDSM to tie us up and use for what ever each person enjoys. Please contact me about this and we shall see.

Skype > Lynxpetxxx
Fetlife - Lynxpet
FurAffinity - Sandrock

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