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LocationManchester, IA, United States
Relationship statusSingle and looking
RelationshipsGood Friend,Casual Friend,Short Term,Long Term
SpeciesCanine-Wolf(ice blue snow wolf)
Modified2015-01-04 01:13:11

My name is Zion and a ice blue wolf :3 Iím 5′ 9″, and skinny 160 lbs. I love Drawing, Video Games, and the computer.

>I like music i pretty much listen to it all the time but who dosent XD.

>And just so you know, in a relationship I like someone masculine or thats skinny but fit, and is also sweet and understanding. Someone that can be spontaneous like actually does things. Someone who appreciates me, and likes to care about me, and what i do. I tend to be easily attached so they better not be a heart breaker and i like being random also I kinda feel like I donít have very high confidence. so I like to be with someone that complements me also. I look for a person who can be romantic and interesting. Not just in creative ways just does things you wouldnít see normal people do like me ^_^ Also someone that can have fun, but also know when to be serious. thats a a good simple idea of what i look for in someone.

>I also do love making new friends too! So if you wanna just talk feel free to message me at 509-833-1971 or talk to me if you have another things you wanna know about me! :3 I will probably ask for a picture just so I can see who Iím talking to, and you should include what animal you are and your name. 

>a few more things about me i think you should know isÖ
>I like wolves and deer.. oh god i dunno how they are so smexie!
>I like romance.. nothing will get to me like romance and sweetness makes me all mushy gushy x3
>I like cuddling.. Im a cuddle bug :3 and im kinda clingy too soo yeah :]
>I like tall guys.. Yes I like the whole tall an handsome thingy :3
>I like short guys too.. so cute to cuddle and hold 

>I like to talk.. Im a talkative person SO you need to talk too o.o
>soo ima stop there. even tho this is already alot o.o if u wana get to know more about me text me :3>

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