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LocationMN, United States
Relationship statusSingle and looking
RelationshipsGood Friend,Casual Friend,Long Term
SpeciesCanine-Wolf(Black, fairly athletic, white stripe down chest)
Modified2014-07-21 16:13:09

Hi, I'm a guy who lives in central Minnesota. St. Cloud to be accurate. I'm looking for a girl, what kind of girl? A girl who's interesting, a girl who doesn't follow the crowed and conform to everyone else like a sheep (although I guess it's ok if her fursona is a sheep...). I'm looking for a girl who I can have a long conversation with. And since I'm an animal, like any other man, or in this case, a wolf, I also want a girl who I can also cuddle with. This all sounds pretty sad, but it's true. Hit me up if you're a girl and you want to visit?

I'm a black wolf, I like to talk about science, space, philosophy, the environment, history, the future, time, the brain, genetics, technology, computers, video games, and just about anything else that can be interesting.

I'm not at work anymore, so now I have time for stuff.

A... a uhhh what are those things called... I don't remember... uh looking for one of those boobs things, I forgot what there called.  I wanna say... grills... Yeah, grill feels right.

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