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LocationSt Louis, MO, United States
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Hello there! 

My name is Snickrot.  I am 27 and just graduated from Ranken with a degree in Machining.  I currently work at a machine shop that does Aerospace work (makes airplane parts). It is awesome.  I love working with stuff that is going to be in the air eventually.  I have worked in a couple of areas in the shop and I am now learning how to put together the parts into final assemblies.  It is very riveting (hehe). I can honestly say I have worked on parts for helicopters, jet liners and fighter jets.

I am learning how to make jewelry.  I am also learning how to knit and working on a suit of medieval scale mail.  If it isn't obvious by now I enjoy doing things with my hands.  I love gardening and any place I stay at long enough will have flowers sprouting.  Reading is also a huge passion of mine.

I tend to be laid back about most things and a little shy at times, but if you give me time i will warm up to you.

being out in nature
gardening (still an amateur at it).
video games
tabletop gaming (Mordheim ftw!). 

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