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  Herm sergal looking for friends Help

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LocationClear Lake, MN, United States
Relationship statusSingle and looking
RelationshipsGood Friend,Casual Friend,Long Term
SpeciesOther-Mixed Breed(Winged Sergal)
Modified2013-10-12 07:42:46

Hey, I'm just an average fur who loves to play games and I love to make new friends. I have an SL account, Xbox 360 and Live, a Nintendo Wii, an Xbox Original, a few PC's, and much more (no i do not have anything Playstation, its not that I'm against having one, I just don't want one) please contact me if you'd like to get together or something online or even in real life. I'm a very open person and enjoy being around others. I absolutely love cuddles and can't get enough of it when I text, I'll even say I'm a bit clingy..though I'm a very affectionate and caring fur who is always there to help when I'm needed. I should also mention that, while my character is a herm, I am a male IRL, gender however makes no difference to me.

If there's anything more you'd like to know about me just ask.

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