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LocationStewartville, MN, United States
Relationship statusI am in a closed relationship
RelationshipsGood Friend,Casual Friend
SpeciesCanine-Dog(Red/Rust colored husky)
Modified2014-12-12 20:47:51

Not much to say on here since people rarely use pounced anymore but I am an active husky, looking for other furs to be active outside with (Tennis, Football, Basketball, throw/kick a ball around).  I also play PC games, huge into WWII history of all sorts (Mainly German) and have a good set of friends that I would like to add to.

Huskybutt is my FA name, if you would like to chat on Steam or Skype, ask me and I may give it to you.  What is the harm in messaging someone on pounced?  Come on guys!

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