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FurcodeFCF3as A- C- D? H+++ M? P+ R T++ W Z? Sm++ a c-- d+ e+ f+ h? i j-- p- sm+
LocationSalcha, AK, United States
Relationship statusI am in a closed relationship
RelationshipsGood Friend,Casual Friend
Modified2014-09-21 01:14:41

>I'm looking to find some more people to text, IM, e-mail, or write back and forth (Yes I mean the archaic pen and paper writing) >


>I’ve met some very nice people on here but eventually the page long e-mails dwindle and I am left wishing to see but a casual greeting from a friendly e-mail that never comes.

>I’m not seeking a relationship I'm marring an adorable little kitty who I'm quite fond of. I just want to find a friend to chat with. I would love to meet someone in my state that my wife and I could hang out with but I realize that is a little hard to do being my location and the small population of furrys in the state.

>I’m working towards a home of my own.

>I'm an apprentice with the 71 union currently up the Dalton week on week off

>I’m a hunter, fisher, camper, and wanderer.

>My favorite book is “The art of War”

>Favorite song changes but I have a connection to Disturbed “The Animal” and Skillet “Monster”

>I carry the poem “The road not taken” by Robert Frost in my wallet

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