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FurcodeFG[Foxcoon]f3acdr A- C++ D+++ H M++ P R T+++ W Z Sm++ RLS a cn d# e++ f h++ i j+ p sm+
LocationAstoria, NY, United States
Relationship statusSingle and looking
RelationshipsGood Friend,Casual Friend,Long Term
SpeciesOther-Mixed Breed(Foxcoon - Basically, I'm a Red Fox with Raccoon Markings)
Modified2014-04-18 18:55:08

I'm a 29 year old white male living in Astoria Queens, NYC.  I'm 5'8", 165 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, reddish beard. I tend to dress in a casual manner.

My fursona is a tan and brown Foxcoon named Raff.  I do have a fursuit that I take to parties, fur meets, conventions, and volunteer children's events. I love suiting and do it whenever I get the chance. Just about all of my friends are furries and I travel often to visit the people I know in the community.. 

I have a second suit of a Dingo named Bruce.  My FA account for that suit is Canis_Drunkis.

I am a college graduate from Kent State University.  I used to work in a zoo in Pennsylvania, but moved into NY a couple years ago.   Right now I  work in a lab in one of the major cancer centers in NYC.

I like playing video games. Mostly with multiplayer I play things like Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers.  One player games tend to be things like Zelda, Ratchet & Clank, RTS computer games, etc. I'm not so much into Call of Duty and all that.  Not because I hate the game, I'm just terrible at that type of game and end up spinning in circles until someone mercy kills me.  I also like board games and table top game.  I played D&D for a short stint and really enjoyed it, I just can't seem to find time or people to play with right now. 

I'm not so much into sports, but I do like to play volley ball on occasion even though I'm terrible at it.  I like to go hiking and love to be outside on nice days.  On cold days I prefer to stay in and cuddle with a good movie.  I like to cook/bake and go out dancing/drinking/clubbing.

As far as my interests are concerned, I tend to be very dorky.  You wouldn't think by looking at me but I love things like Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, and X-Men.  It's fine if you aren't into that sort of thing. I have lots of friends that can satiate my dorky side.  In college I studied biology, focusing in Animal Studies.  I'm extremely knowledgeable when it comes to animals, nature, and mythology.  I'm more a spiritual person than a religious person, and politically I fall toward the liberal spectrum.

I don't watch TV all that often.  When I do I usually watch comedy, crime dramas, nature programs, and cooking shows.  I'm not going to put down "favorite shows" here because I tend to have a new favorite every two months and I don't feel like updating this that often.  The only thing I really don't watch is sports, but I can find ways to entertain myself when my roommates watch football.

As far as a LTR is concerned, I'm definitely at a point in my life where I'd like to be in a closed relationship.  I want someone who meshes well with me.  I tend to be very personable and get along well with others.  At parties I'm kind of a social butterfly and want someone who's confident enough to be comfortable in new situations.  I want someone who I can be proud to introduce to family and friends; someone who is educated, friendly, and has a decent job.  I'd like someone with similar interests to me and is sexually compatible. Sexually speaking I am a bottom, I mention this here only because it could be an issue if we were to enter a relationship and discover too far down the line that we're both bottoms.  I don't get too hung up on looks, but obviously physical attraction comes into play with any relationship.

I'm not a difficult to get along with person.  If you'd like to chat just toss me an IM or e-mail me.  Just be sure to send your pounced address so I know who I'm talking to.  And if you message me actually say something. So often my IM conversations from this site are:

Pounced:  "hi^^"
Me:           "Hey!  What's up?"
Pounced:  "not much *licks*"
Me:           "I assume you're from Pounced?"

And then I never hear from them again. If you took the time to read my page, take the time to chat with me.  Honestly the easiest way to get me to respond is to send me an email.  I check my emails much more often than I check my AIM messages.  If you send an email, send a link to your pounced add so I know who I'm chatting with.  Hope to hear from ya soon!

E-Mail = Raff.Foxcoon@????.???

AIM = Raff Foxcoon   -  Yes, there's a space in my AIM.

YIM = Raffadax

Fur Affinity - Raff = http://www.furaffinity.net/user/raff    

Fur Affinity - Bruce = http://www.furaffinity.net/user/canis_drunkis

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