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FurcodeFCCf3acds A+ C++ D+++ H++ M P++ R T+++ W Z+ Sm++ RLGP>CT a+ cln++ d e+ f+++ h++ iwf++ j+ p- sm++
LocationFresno, CA, United States
Relationship statusSingle and looking
RelationshipsGood Friend,Casual Friend,Short Term,Long Term,Quick Yiff
SpeciesCanine-Coyote(Playful and Silly Coyote Pup!)
Modified2014-11-17 14:16:01

Hiya there! ^^; My name is Tk and I'm a Coyote!

Well, what to say? I'm 34 years old and enjoy all the normal stuff most people do...movies, video games, browsing the internet and of course chatting with people!  I tend to think of myself as very open-minded.  I like learning about new people and if yer within a few hours drive, I probably wouldn't mind eventually going to hang out some day!  I like driving to meet new people and do so when I have the time and money.

Aside from indoors, I LOVE being outdoors as well! I also love to walk, hike, skateboard, surf, travel, eat (when I can catch a roadrunner)!  I can do both, outdoor fun and be a homebody just relaxing doing nothing.   Just browsing town and doing every day things is high on my likings, though I enjoy being out in the wilderness as well.  It's much more enjoyable to share the outdoors with friends than alone! I mentioned I loved to eat, but I'm no bottomless pit. What I mean is I enjoy trying new things out...and that goes for everything, not just food. Speaking of eating...I'm 5'9" (1.73m) 185-lbs (79 kg). Not very muscular...kind of your average Coyote.  Oh yeah, and I'm also a puppy!  I will be waggy and happy and playful and excited almost all the time, but I will also grow timid in larger groups. ^^

I have a few other "interests" though I'll leave it up to if you if you wanna ask about anything...though again, I'm open to anything at first.

Some of the video games I currently enjoy playing are League of Legends, Civilization, The Sims, maybe a few other games on Steam.

I'm a very honest person...if you ask, I will tell you pretty much anything, personal or not. I'm quite friendly, loyal, curious, and still a pup at heart! I hope to hear from you!   Feel free to add me on Skype or whatever other messengers you have. :)



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