Happy fun loving wolf looking for more ^.^


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25 - Male
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Well im terrible at typing these up but here goes. 

Just recently got out of a toxic relationship and looking to get back out there and mingle in the community again rather than sit and do nothing.
Im a happy and fun out going wolf, i love video games, hiking,  swimming,  fursuiting, bad jokes, etc....  I can get along with almost anyone i meet and have been told i have a very likable personality haha
Not sure if im looking for a serious relationship or just a friend to hang out with, but ill know when things start to click but first things first hanging out and having fun. 
So for no looking for someone to chat with and hang out at local fur meets or just whenever really. I got my own place and a car, dont mind little drives but please local only no long distance.
On a more personal side, i am a kinda kinky person and into quite a few things but like to think im pretty adaptable to being a dom or sub but more dom then anything. 


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