A Soft Lion Looking for Other Furries.


Age - Gender/Orientation - Status
18 - MaleBisexual
Elmont, NY, United States
Good Friend,Casual Friend,Long Term
Looking for


Hey, my name is Steven! I'm a freshman attending City Tech in New York, studying computer science and programming.  I'm 18 years old and somewhat new to the fandom. I am currently looking for someone to just hang out with really, it could be something more than just being friends. It also doesn't have to be irl, I've done long distance relationships before.

I enjoy talking to people when I've opened up to them. Sometimes it could be hard when I haven't met someone before, but once I open up to you, I will enjoy every moment. I play overwatch and splatoon when I'm not at school or studying, watching stuff on youtube and listening to music. Cooking is also a guilty pleasure of mine. 

I love the idea of being close to someone, whether it is cuddling or just holding hands really. I'm relatively quiet and hate being a bother to others. I'm 5'9'' and roughly 195 pounds of lion


If you want to know more about me, we could always talk on telegram, @AsterTheLion, my PMs are always open to people. c:


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