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25 - MaleBisexual
Gravesend , United Kingdom
Other-Mixed Breed(Protective and friendly )
Good Friend,Casual Friend,Short Term,Long Term
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Hello and welcome to my Pounced page.

My names Crimson I'm a spidox , that is part fox and spider so I look like a fox , but act like a cute fuzzy wuzzy spider and jump around and web others if I find them cute enough for my fangs and other bits to enjoy hehe.

he stands 7,4 tall that's from toe tips to eat tip and his tail is just as long and its sooo fluffy and warm u wont want to leave it for long, he has venom but its not that deadly unless u want high sex drive among other things.

I have FA and telegram so if u want to talk with me feel free to add CrimsonSpidox92 for telegram am on there a lot and on FA follow me there if you so wish.

hope to talk soon :) crimsy xx

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