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Age - Gender/Orientation - Status
21 - MaleStraight
Daytona Beach, FL, United States
Feline-Cat(Glameow. Blue and light purple/white femboy. Cute and Curvy)
Good Friend,Casual Friend
Looking for


Im NOT looking for a dude for anything for any reason. Ive had nothing but toxic and abusive guys contact me on this website. And yes I know "Its a shame (I'm) straight."
General Info:  

 ♥ Hi, I'm Glam. I'm a 20 year old, pretty curvy, feminine dude

 ♥ I'm very open about most everything, so don't be afraid to ask. 

 ♥  I'm lithe, curvy, at 5'6 and 125 lbs. I'm generally excitable! 

 ♥ My 'sona is pretty much myself if I was a cute blue kitty, but with accentuated features. Those being in the butt and thigh area.


♥ Romantic interest, I'm only really interested in those that identify as female (being biological or transgender) and heavily prefer someone within a 3 hour driving distance from Daytona Beach. I'm looking for someone I can be myself with. I'm a goofy, quick-witted guy who loves to make others and himself laugh. Humor is big with me. I'm super sappy, I adore writing love letters, going out on cute dates, and making my partner feel loved and appreciated 24/7. I'm the type to open doors, buy flowers, and sing silly songs to you.


Interests and Hobbies: 
I'm enamored with music. I've been singing for 8 years, and I've taken 3 years of Music theory. I'm almost always listening to something. I can't however pick a favorite band or song. There's just too much good stuff! .

♥ I play a bunch of PC games, and am mainly invested in Overwatch. Currently in High Mastes! I'd love to play with you! I also play League of Legends with friends. I'm open to most games out there though! TF2, Minecraft, GTAV, and Rocket League are a few games in my library. I also STREAM!! Check me out at ♥♥

♥ I'm in my third semester of studying Music and Sound Production (Live event mixing/studio producing and engineering) and I LOVE my major. Luckily I'm already employed in the field at a radio station as a soundboard engineer for sporting events. I'm looking to move up in the audio production field and do something positive with my degree!

♥ I keep fish! I've been super into tropical fish keeping as of late. I have a fully stocked 15 gallon community tank which includes guppies, platies, danios, kuhli loaches, hatchetfish, and cherry shrimp! I also have a tiny 1 gallon planted tank with a few shrimp friends in it. I'm always looking for someone else who shares this hobby!

Bonus Points If:
 ♥ You play similar games to myself.(Bonus bonus points for Overwatch) 
 ♥ Your 'sona is a cat/bunny/deer. 
 ♥ Proper grammar, punctuation, and general solid sentence structure. 
 ♥ You've read through my entire ad. I know it's a lot. 

Contact Info:

 ♥ Twitter:

Please don't be disgusting or creepy... please... 


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