What are your terms of service?

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Who runs this site?

This site is run by a couple of furs from around the United States; We started this site because there was no good furry personals site at the time

What does it cost?

This site is free, and will remain so!!!! We will add some advertisements to the site to help cover the cost of running the site. We may in the future add some pay features, but our intent is to keep it free and open.

As a parent can I restrict my child's access to your site?

Yes, pounced.org implements functionality used by net nanny type software, indicating that the site is for use by adults only. We support two such rating systems:

Our entire site is marked with the following ratings:
  • VCR - Adult
  • SafeLabel - Mature
You can install software supporting these rating systems on computers used by your children to prevent them from accessing potentially offensive material.

How is your personal information used?

Your personal information is used in your advertisement(s) and to improve your search results. For instance we use your zip code to do distance searches. We will never share your personal information with any third party, without your explicit permission.

How will your email address be used?

We will only use your email address for mail which is directly related to this site. It will never be shared with a third party without your explicit permission.

To help insure that your email remains spam free you should let pounced hide your email address and instead have people email you via the site - see Protecting My Email Address .

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